Augustine’s SuperFood is suitable for all dogs.

What to Expect

When switching to Augustine’s Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Smooth transition

Switcing from cooked to raw foods or going back and forth is usually likely to unsettle a dog's tummy for a few reasons. The most logical is that the foods keep changing the stomach's pH levels.

With that being said, my experiences tell me that another common reason why dogs have trouble switching to raw is because the new foods the dogs are being given are not balanced. It's like us eating soup for a week and expecting solid stools.

Even giving a dog that is used to a raw diet some of the very rich game meats will nine times out of ten cause tummy problems purely because there is nothing to offset its richness with. I have found the switch to Augustine’s SuperFood to be seamless and I attribute this to its perfect balance.

More hydration

If switching from dry food it may appear that your dog is eating more food than before and drinking less water. This is because dry food lacks moisture (essentially they are concentrates), so dogs drink lots of water to compensate for the lack of water in the dry food.

No more smelly poos

As much as it is a blessing it is a curse. Dogs on the ASF diet have almost odourless excrement. Check your shoes before walking into your home because you won’t notice until it is too late. I am serious!

The reason dogs on the Augustine’s SuperFood diet poo less and have almost odourless excrement is because the majority of the food is utilised by the body and because of its quality it can be processed correclty. If you are switching over from dry or canned foods you will notice that your dogs poo breaks down much faster.

Shiny healthy coat

Enough said.

More energy, more alert, more responsive

It’s a no brainer that with everything in life you get out what you put in. We all notice a big decline in brain function when we lack sleep and good food. Now imagine the performance and brain function of a dog that is on an average diet compared to a dog on a super diet.

Reduced or eliminated medical issues

Doctor Dan Scott’s website states that, “By the age of four, 85% of all dogs have developed a potentially fatal disease. Half of all dogs over ten years old have cancer.” I also firmly agree with him that 90% of illnesses are caused by diet.

The better the food the less chance of medical problems. The most important effect Augustine’s SuperFood will have on your best friend(s) will be evident in years to come. Augustine Approved products are appreciated much like an old home video ‐ much further down the track.

Reduction in desire to eat grass

Augustine’s SuperFood is rich in organic barley grass powder that has an identical taste to the grass your dog eats. To read about all the impressive nutritional benefits of barley grass powder please view our ingredients list.

Improvement in dogs with food related allergies

Before spending hundreds of dollars on medical tests and therapies for your dogs, give Augustine’s SuperFood a try. The majority of dogs have diet related allergies. My maltese terrier Mishka suffered from allergies for 9 years and throughout this time the vet bills cost me a considerable amount of money while all along the vets said she was “probably allergic to the pollens in the air”. When I set out to make Augustine’s SuperFood I never intended to make a food that helps dogs that suffer from allergies. Naturally I also fed it to Mishka. Four days later I noticed that she had stopped itching and chewing at her paws and the redness soon subsided.

The vegan versions of Augustine’s best dog food is perfect for dogs that are allergic to meat proteins.

I am yet to find a dog that has not improved on our food. Remember; if your dog suffers from allergies give us a fair trial and do not feed it anything else during the trial. Four to seven days is ample time to see an improvement.

A lean and healthy weight range

When dogs are eating properly they naturally assume their perfect weight. It is vital that dogs consume plenty of good quality fats because this is where they get their energy. The secret in Augustine’s SuperFood is that its main source of fat is composed predominately of medium chain triglycerides. MCT’s are very special, they are not like other fats. They go straight to the liver and get converted into energy. The more energy your dog has, the more it exercises, the more it exercises, the leaner it stays, the leaner it stays the less chance of obesity related diseases.

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