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What is Augustine’s Super Dog Food?

Augustine’s SuperFood is a fresh refrigerated or frozen food that is made to human standards and is 100% certified organic. It comes in four forms:

  • Puppy – mix with the staple protein source of your choice (meat or vegetable)
  • Adult – mix with the staple protein source of your choice (meat or vegetable)
  • Vegan Puppy – ready to eat
  • Vegan Adult – ready to eat

The recipes for Augustine’s SuperFood are available to you free of charge on the condition that they are strictly for non-commercial use.

For optimum freshness and flexibility the non-vegan versions do not contain the staple protein source. It is up to you to decide which protein source agrees with your dog and mix it in according to the feeding guide. The vegan versions are not only good for ethical reasons, but also suitable for dogs that are allergic to meat based proteins.

Augustine's SuperFood – Puppy & Adult come in two sizes:

  • 140g to be mixed with 250g of staple protein source ‐ makes 390g
  • 280g to be mixed with 500g of staple protein source ‐ makes 780g

Augustine’s SuperFood – Vegan Puppy & Vegan Adult come in one size:

  • 400g ready to eat

Augustine’s SuperFood can be broken down into four categories of ingredients:

  • Fresh Whole Vegetables & Legumes
  • Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil
  • Augustine's SuperBoost (the blend of SuperFood powders found in the retail versions of Augustine's SuperFood). This is what makes Augustine's SuperFood such a standout product and can be used in the recipes we supply or added to your dog's existing diet.
  • Staple protein source of your choice (non-vegan versions only). Please look at the Choices page for recommendations.

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