Your dog can be part of a new generation of canines with superior health.

What is an A+ Super Dog?

Simply put, A+ Super dogs are dogs with health and vitality like no other. They go faster, play harder and recover quickly. A+ Super Dogs have nutritionally been given every opportunity to live the longest and healthiest lives possible.

Augustine is the first of a long line of A+ Super Dogs. Now you too can provide your best friend with a chemical free super-­charged diet every day.

The people I look up to for their standout achievements towards the nutritional health of canines have a belief that dogs only need raw meaty bones to live well. This may be true but I am not interested in producing healthy dogs. My passion is to raise a new generation of dogs with superior health.

I’d like to share some interesting results of the possible benefits of Augustine’s SuperFood. During the start of my venture I approached many dog owners and asked if they would like to trial Augustine’s SuperFood. They came back to me with stories of improved energy, allergy relief, improved weight, and improved general health in short time frames.

The most impressive result came from my neighbour Phil who had just moved in. I must say even I was stunned. The story goes like this... After much deliberation Phil agreed to add Augustine’s SuperBoost (the SuperFood powder formula found in Augustine’s SuperFood) to his greyhound’s “racing mince” diet. He was too reluctant to switch his prized dog over to a whole new diet that “the guy next door was making in his house”. Can you blame him? After all he hardly knew me. I will never forget the look on his face seven days later when he reported that his dog had a new lap time 10 lengths faster than the previous week. Now please do know that I am not and will never be a supporter of animal racing of any kind, but this anecdotal evidence suggests that dogs will have increased energy and stamina on Augustine Approved products.

There are dozens of contributing factors to a long and healthy life. These include:

  • Diet
  • Environment
  • Exercise
  • Genetics
  • Pregnancy
  • Dental & overall hygiene
  • Immunisation
  • Mental stimulation
  • De­‐sexing

The greater majority of illnesses are caused by diet. Augustine and I have that part covered, naturally the rest is up to you.

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