Raw food or cooked food. The choice is yours.

Raw Vs Cooked

The raw vs cooked debate... there is enough information out there so please feel free to do your own research and decide what works for you. My personal preference is raw. Not only is it more convenient, but better for the dog because cooking destroys nutrients and the enzymes needed for superior digestion and nutrient absorbption.

If you are preparing raw food for freezing I highly recommend blanching vegetables. Blanching is carried out in order to maintain nutritional value and to inactivate enzymes resulting in a better frozen food.

I puree vegetables because dogs cannot digest raw whole or chopped vegetables. This is due to the composition of plant walls that are made up of cellulose that dogs cannot digest. If you decide to use meat in your dog's diet, I highly suggest you stick to human grade and certified organic where possible.

When switching dogs over from dry or canned food sometimes they find it difficult to transition to the taste of raw food simply because cooked meat is more appealing to the senses. It took Augustine over two months to fully transition to a raw food diet. I would recommend that you begin by attempting to use raw meat but if your dog does not like it, try searing it first rather than cooking it well. If all else fails then your choices are to either cook the meat, or let them go without until they start eating. It is a battle of wills similar to a child wanting to eat dessert and not dinner.

Switching over to a raw diet will be better for the dog in the long run and easier for you to prepare. Think of how much time you will save when you don’t have to go through cooking processes. Hot ingredients need to be cooled before you can mix them with Augustine’s SuperFood, otherwise you risk burning all the nutrients.



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