It more important to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Protein & Fat

When mixed with high protein and low fat game meats the non-vegan versions of Augustine's SuperFood contain no less than 15.5% protein (calculated on a fresh matter basis).

There are varying reports that claim the optimum protein levels for a dog are between 20% & 30% of their daily food intake. Here is where it gets tricky...

Something that is extremely overlooked is that these figures refer to a dry matter basis, hence why dry food appears to have very high protein levels.

Dry food lacks moisture, so to get an accurate idea of how much protein a dog actually has on a daily basis you would have to take into consideration just how much more water a dog would drink than if it was on a fresh food diet which contained much more moisture to begin with. Once you add how much water a dog consumes into the equation, the protein levels of a dry food diet decline and start to resemble the protein levels of fresh moist food.

The most overlooked part of working out how much protein to put in a dogs diet is the fact that dogs do not just eat a staple diet every day. Some are given treats, others get bones and all dogs sniff out things they probably shouldn’t be eating.

By the time Augustine’s day is finished she has had her ration training treats and foods that help keep her teeth and gums healthy. Her protein intake will easily end up being anywhere between 25% & 30%.

It is also more important to focus on the quality of the protein rather than the quantity. Quality proteins in dog food are much like the quality of cars. There are V8’s and then there are V8’s. Our proteins come from fresh organic food. They do not come from animal meal concentrates.

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