One serving of bones can replace one Augustine’s SuperFood meal.

Feeding Guide

Puppy Adult
1-2 kg : 150-300g/day Under 5kg : 90-200g/day
3-4 kg : 250-450 g/day 5-10 kg : 250-425 g/day
5-6 kg : 450-625 g/day 10-15 kg : 425-575 g/day
7-8 kg : 525-750 g/day 15-20 kg : 575-700 g/day
9-10 kg : 650-900 g/day 20-30kg : 700g-1kg/day
11-12 kg : 750-1100 g/day 35+kg : 1200-1400 g/day
12+kg : 1100-1400 g/day

Puppies under 4 months should be fed the minimum amount, while puppies over 4 months should be fed anywhere up to the larger number. Feed puppies 3 times a day and adult dogs twice a day (it is very important not to feed the daily amount in one feed).

Please Stick to the feeding guide. The absorption rate of Augustine’s SuperFood is extremely high so your dog doesn’t need to eat till it cannot eat anymore to reach its daily required nutrient intake. The quantity of each ingredient has been carefully considered for optimum results and must be absorbed in moderation. For example, too much vitamin C can have a laxative effect.

Bones, raw solid vegetables or fruit can replace the evening meal.


1. Take out a bag of Augustine’s SuperFood the night before and leave it out to thaw.
1. Take out bag of Augustine’s SuperFood from freezer 20‐30 minutes before you wish to serve and place in warm water (not too hot) in the sink along with the meat (non vegan version) until it reaches room temperature.

The healthiest most nutritious meats for dogs are game meats. Please choose wisely and research the where the meat comes from and how it is processed. If you have chosen to feed your dog meat in their diet, we strongly recommend the use of human grade meat & certified organic when possible.

2. If using the vegan version it is ready to serve.
2. If using the non vegan version mix the two together well in a bowl and serve (unless you prefer to cook the meat). If cooking or searing the meat you must allow it to cool before mixing or you risk burning all the nutrients.

140g bag ‐ mix with 250g of meat
280g bag ‐ mix with 500g of meat

3. Once thawed cover any remaining food and keep refrigerated. Feed within 3 days.


Keep frozen or refrigerated.

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