Dogs not only need, but deserve a variety of foods.

Choosing the right main source of protein

If you have decided to use meat in your dog's diet as its main source of protein then there are still some important decisions to make to ensure optimum health.

The healthiest most nutritious meats for dogs are game meats. Please choose wisely and research the where the meat comes from and how it is processed. While there is no such thing as humanely sourced meat, please select a meat that has less impact on the environment. We strongly recommend the use of human grade meat (certified organic when possible).

Do not use pet mince because more often than not it contains more than just meat, even if the packaging says otherwise. This is due to a legal loophole in food labelling and includes food for humans.

Game meats are safer because generally speaking they bare less allergy risks, especially since their diet is more likely to be free from chemicals. It's not just about what the animal the meat came from is, but what that animal was eating.

I have heard of many of people steering away from game meats because they say they are too rich and it gives their dogs the runs. This is because all things require moderation. If a dog has 100% high protein game meat then yes expect the runs. When game meat is mixed with a balanced food like Augustine's SuperFood your dog will produce very good poop and there will be no more gas.

On the contrary to popular marketing I believe dogs not only need, but deserve a variety of foods. When selecting meats to incorporate into your dog's Augustine Approved diet try and stick to game meats and birds when possible. It makes sense to replicate the type of meat that a dog could hunt in the wild.

Beef is the most allergy prone meat for dogs and can also give them gas. Leave the piggies alone too, I wouldn't go there.

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